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Kitebridge | American Boarding Schools for International Students

The Kitebridge Advantage

Kitebridge is the best American boarding school program for international high school and middle school students.

Our team includes professional educators and college admissions counselors who have spent their entire lives in American education.

They come from schools such as Stanford, Princeton and Cornell. Dr. Jon Reider literally wrote the book on college admissions.

Every Kitebridge student has been admitted to one of his or her top five choices of U.S. college.

Recent Blog Posts

international students visit Alfred University

Why Alfred University Is Such a Good Choice

Alfred University, one of the schools on Kitebridge’s Northeast college tour, has gained new recognition since the Brookings Institution ranked it on par with Princeton and better than Yale and Dartmouth in its ”value-added” assessment of about 4,000 colleges nationwide. Why is Alfred so good? According to the numbers, mid-career earnings for a typical graduate were […]
why international students need dorms - assault on Chinese girl

A Horrifying Example of Why We Believe in Dorms

People sometimes ask us why we believe international students are better off in dormitories than in homes with American families. A horrifying article in the Los Angeles Times tells the story of a Chinese girl who was stripped naked, beaten and burned with cigarettes. Her attackers also were Chinese teenagers. Both the victim and attackers were […]
college rankings_138356354

A New College Rating System Almost Every Week: What Should International Students Know?

“Methodologies to rate colleges and universities are a dime a dozen these days,” Terry W. Hartle, senior vice president at the American Council on Education, a higher education lobby group, was quoted as saying in a recent story in the The Buffalo News. “Almost every week, somebody seems to produce a new rating system.” (The […]