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Kitebridge | American Boarding Schools for International Students

The Kitebridge Advantage

Kitebridge is the best American boarding school program for international high school and middle school students.

Our team includes professional educators and college admissions counselors who have spent their entire lives in American education.

They come from schools such as Stanford, Princeton and Cornell. Dr. Jon Reider literally wrote the book on college admissions.

Every Kitebridge student has been admitted to one of his or her top five choices of U.S. college.

Recent Blog Posts

international high school students with football player

Making the Cheer Squad & Volleyball Team

Kitebridge students are starting the school year in St. Louis with as much momentum as they showed during High School Prep Camp, Counselor Courtney Elbrecht told us. Yesterday’s photos show what fun they are having.  For example, Chacha* has made the cheer squad and encouraged other students to try new things. Chloe was the only […]

Safety Announcement: St. Louis Students Are Safe

We want Kitebridge parents to know that their children are safe in St. Louis. The city of St. Louis, including our Kitebridge partner schools and our dormitory, continues to function normally. Schools and businesses are open. Kitebridge and other students are going to classes and extra-curricular areas as usual. All of these photos were taken today […]

Caring Teachers, Not Technology, Is Key

Kitebridge is operated by educators, and that is one of the key differences between us and other U.S. high school programs for international students. Does that make a difference? Read what The New York Times had to say yesterday about why business models and technology are insufficient to provide good education. One quote from the article: “They (students) […]