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Kitebridge | American Boarding Schools for International Students

The Kitebridge Advantage

Kitebridge is the best American boarding school program for international high school and middle school students.

Our team includes professional educators and college admissions counselors who have spent their entire lives in American education.

They come from schools such as Stanford, Princeton and Cornell. Dr. Jon Reider literally wrote the book on college admissions.

Every Kitebridge student has been admitted to one of his or her top five choices of U.S. college.

Recent Blog Posts


Create a Museum Instead of Taking Mid-terms

Want to turn the school into a museum instead of having mid-terms? This was the innovative idea at Kitebridge partner Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School.  In lieu of traditional mid-terms, LuHi students and faculty participated in a school-wide project on the ancient Greek empire, transforming the halls into a living, breathing and working museum. The […]
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What’s at the Top of Your List in Choosing a College?

When you’re selecting a college, what are your criteria? We’ve come across four recent lists, ranging from the best training for certain professions to the best food. Obviously, preparation for a profession should take precedence over meals, but we think you’ll find the surveys interesting. The best schools for specific professions? Stanford University is ranked […]
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Kitebridge’s Hannah Yoon Named Student of the Month

Hannah Yoon is the first Kitebridge international high school student to be named “Student of the Month” at Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School. It isn’t easy to be a student of the month at LuHi. Excellent grades are helpful, and teachers also tend to look for a well-rounded student. Once the students are […]