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Kitebridge | American Boarding Schools for International Students

The Kitebridge Advantage

Kitebridge is the best American boarding school program for international high school and middle school students.

Our team includes professional educators and college admissions counselors who have spent their entire lives in American education.

They come from schools such as Stanford, Princeton and Cornell. Dr. Jon Reider literally wrote the book on college admissions.

Every Kitebridge student has been admitted to one of his or her top five choices of U.S. college.

Recent Blog Posts

international high school students learn American customs

‘Prep Camps’ Introduce International High School Students to American Life

High school ”prep camps,” designed to teach international students about American life, will be in operation at all Kitebridge campuses next week. The Long Island “camp” starts Monday, and “camps” already are under way in St. Louis and Tacoma, Wash. Kitebridge differs from most boarding schools for international students in the extent of its cultural […]
international high school students prepare

Creating Mosaics in Art & Words

A trip to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, which has the largest mosaic collection in the world with 41.5 million glass pieces in more than 7,000 colors, concluded a day spent studying mosaics at high school “prep camp” for our incoming international students. First, students created their own mosaics, artwork that traditionally uses small […]

Reviewing Techniques for College Application Process

The Kitebridge staff had some pre-season training of its own this month: Director of College Counseling Mr. Phil Kerlee was in St. Louis to give the latest tips on helping seniors apply for college admission. Senior Academic Counselor Ms. Ali Thomas coordinated the rigorous schedule. First, Mr. Kerlee had an individual meeting with each counselor […]